vintage video games chapter 2: Doom 1. Fight against demons in the moon of Phobos.


Narrow corridors and enemies with a somewhat diffuse image quality thanks to the few pixels present in the game is what you will see playing Doom, developed by the software company Id Software in 1993 We understand the poor image quality and remember that it was 26 years ago in other words was the last century but by then this game was one of the most played and loved by many young people including me. It is a game in the first person and must be opened by force of shots and a lot of blood in the course of the journey, not least because it must eliminate a variety of enemies ranging from a type of zombie but it is really an ancient marine who was possessed by an evil spirit to various demons who would not hesitate to kill you. You must be very careful to get health kit and energy plates to improve your armor that you will need at all times of your adventure and be very careful with those plasma balls that your enemies will fire without mercy.

In this game the protagonist is the typical Marine who must survive alone and seek to escape from the facilities of that space base that is on one of the satellites of the planet Mars and could not be more successful. choosing the location of the base and the same satellite tells you with your name that you should not be there, Phobos in Greek means fear or panic, in other words do not go to Phobos for your sake.
You must pass the levels that you can see on the map and everything inside the facilities of the base in foxes, not missing who try to stop you must have steel temper and not intimidate remember that you are fighting with demons of other dimensions. It happens to me that when I play a videogame from that time come memories of weekends in a room playing all night and the light off and clear with the headphones set at a high volume to enter the terrifying environment of Doom.
But of course not everything is perfect because many times the colors that occur on the screen while you play can cause headaches, sometimes they are very bright colors and the music throughout the game can be monotonous but it is tolerable. Sometimes the scenarios and some elements of the game could make you look like you've seen in other games, if you look closely the Health Kit are very similar to not say identical to those that appear in the game Quake 2, of course that is understandable that both games were created by the same software company and it is obvious that Quake 2 took some elements of Doom.

Demons you must face and kill at all

With regard to weapons it is preferable to use the pistol against the Zombieman since they die with ease and thus use the other more powerful weapons against the demons that will not leave you alone and certainly those demons can be relaxed waiting for you inside an acid pond that I do not recommend you to enter and for a change there is a type of invisible demon that are difficult to see without first giving you a scare called Specter, a demon which you must have a powerful weapon He is called a mighty Baron of Hell and wants to kill you if he sees you on his way.

Do not forget to have all the possible high-caliber weapons and all the shields of energy for your armor to face the Spider Mastermind, it is practically a giant brain mounted a tripod similar to a huge mutant spider with steroids and like all marine you will have to face him and destroy him, kill him finishing the game and ready to return to earth as a hero. In the intricate labyrinth of corridors your goal will be to get the exit button or lever of that level but of course it sounds easy to say, but in practice it is a bit difficult since whenever you are near the exit you will have to face an opponent ready to annihilate you, so you should not miss any health kits or armor that you discover on the way. and of course all these weapons and shields will be needed for the final encounter with Spider Mastermind.
Batalla final contra Spider

To be a game of almost 3 decades is acceptable, despite the metallic sounds and bright colors and clear with poor image quality although they did a good job developing the game, the good thing is that it runs very well on any PC and can download free without taking up a lot of hard disk space, I wonder how millennials will see this type of games that at the time were the most there was in the world of video games and that you should have a computer with enough memory and a good card video to play it, now with your smartphones you can play it anywhere and whenever you want, finally I will tell you that if you want to take a trip to the 90s you can play Doom and relive your years of rebellious kids killing space demons.

Thank you for reading my publication and greetings from Venezuela
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