vintage video games chapter 3: Wolfenstein 3D, Escaping from a castle full of Nazis.


3D is a game created by the company id Software in 1992 and since its launch it was well received by the Gamers of that time, becoming a very popular and internationally known game, and it is no wonder since the war theme in the Videogames are popular but I take them to another level as it puts the player face to face against the Nazis to whom you should not hesitate to eliminate them. Wolfenstein 3D is the first game with the FPS style that is to say shots in the first person giving the sensation of being in that fortress with your enemies in front of you seeing them face to face and being able to shoot with all without mercy.

time you will be tucked inside the skin of a spy who will have to make his way through the corridors of a German castle lined with Nazi symbols including Hitler's paintings on all or almost all walls. Being stealthy will not help you much even though you are a spy you have to eliminate the soldiers and German shepherd dogs by force of shots.
It is a very basic game where you must run through the corridors of the labyrinths that the game presents, open the doors, look for the keys and get the necessary weapons to keep advancing, sometimes you get a little dizzy from so much spinning and colors of the walls are sometimes strong but you can continue playing without problems if you adjust the colors of your monitor. Being stealthy will not help you much even though you are a spy you have to eliminate the soldiers by force of shots. This game can be considered as a forerunner of first-person games or in other words the grandfather of this type of games, giving rise to a new way of making action games more dynamic and exciting.
3D was the pioneering game of putting the player in search of secret rooms to obtain some prize as a life kit or weapons, but of course because the pioneer is not vulnerable to having some faults the interior of the German fortress has an almost endless maze and confusing in each level, sometimes exhausting the player and of course the images are graciously blurry but do not worry that you will see the Boss very well that you will have to face. Other things that you will find is that when you kill any enemy your body will continue in the pool of blood where you eliminated it and the laughter of one of your adversaries can be terrifying.
This game gave the opportunity to kill Nazis, was a pioneer in that genre and more than if it is done in the first person making the adrenaline flow with intensity, it may sound exaggerated since to see today that game falls into the error of saying that was not so exciting but it should be in the shoes of a boy in the 90s where video games are barely taking their first steps and was a total novelty also did not have the wide variety of games that exist today and flood the games market.
Each end level you should look for a key and face a Boss or Boss who will make the step to the next level a little harder until you come to see you face to face with the same Hitler who is armed with a super armor and a pair of machine guns in each hand and of course is very angry to see you and will not hesitate to fill your body with bullets, if you manage to shoot enough you can take off his armor and then kill him with a few more bullets until you see him fall on himself bathed in his own blood, and to make it more striking you can see the repetition of the moment you finish killing him.
You can get this classic game for free on the net and you can play with any computer, it is very possible that you escape a smile or a sigh of nostalgia but it is normal since this game is a whole time capsule, highly recommended if you you want to take a trip to the past.

I hope you liked it and greetings from Venezuela.

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