Zubli Zainordin Launching SISC = Steemit InfoCurrency Service Center to Benefit All Steemians at Steemit

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SHAH ALAM: 29th of January 2018. Monday.
Zubli Zainordin
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Sounds like "As I As See".

Launching of The SISC = Steemit InfoCurrency Service Center.

This is a Center where Steemians Reputation (25) are given Infomation on The Steemit Way of Total Success at Steemit.com @steemit #steemit

The Center is also providing SteemDollars to those Steemian Reputation (25) who needs initial SBD to move smoothly upward at Steemit. This SteemDollars is provided by the Rapid Rotate Delegation Center. The First of its kind at Steemit.

Anyone prefer to read:
"Zubli Zainordin Setting Up the first RRDC = Rapid Rotate Delegation Center for Steemians at Steemit"


Although the Launching of SISC is today. However yesterday a Steemian Lady from Aceh Indonesia, Miss MS, came door knocking. The SISC then shared information with Her. She made 1 mistake, but 9 out of 10 she did well. Currently 10 upon 10 she is. Applying The Steemit Way to Total Success at Steemit.

Today, anyone can check through steemd.com Miss MS has been lifted from Reputation (28) to currently She is at Reputation (33) and rising. Her per post income has been more or less $0.05. The SISC raised Her earning, the highest so far, in just one day is about $1.21. You can check Her Blog at Steemit. Times 4 posts She did in one day. That is Her income now, and SISC plans to raise that higher so Her Wallet at Steemit is Thicker.

I am dedicating My Steemian Life at Steemit to help and support all Steemians at Steemit. WAMBO = We Are Many But One. All Steemians can be totally successful at Steemit. This I belief.


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@nkkb One good example hope to expand further. Good job @ zublizainordin

very good post
thank you for sharing
I have upvote and follow you sir @zublizainordin
greetings from me @sulaidasilva

this is really amazing, you are a good person .., sometimes we feel sorry for new steemit users who only get 0.01 every day, but you have solved this problem, you are very good and they deserve it if their post has a high quality.

@nafazul say The RRDC program is great @zublizainordin. I strongly support the program. Many thanks to @Nkkb and @Zublizainordin who have created such a great program to help the steemians.


Sungguh betapa mulia hatimu @zublizainordin salam sukses untuk anda dari kami para steemians.

This is one opportunity for minnows to fast track their reputation and upvoting power. The question now is how to apply? I'm very interested.

@zublizainordin, I have a new friend join, if he can also enjoy your goodness this? How to do it all?

help upvote me please ..