Zubli Zainordin Propose The Steemit Linker Project A Contribution to Steemians

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SHAH ALAM: 22nd of January 2018. Monday.
Zubli Zainordin
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There many ways a Steemian can help and support other Steemians at Steemit. There are many Good Steemians here willing to do so. Even if these Steemians do not ask for it. When it is clear that for most Steemians with hope high up, and surely hands are extending solid so grab hold tight and We all rise together to the top of the Steemit height.

I propose The Steemit Linker Project.
It is a way, an alternative, for Steemian who are not yet ready to Resteem.
I understand the various reasons for a Steemian not Resteeming at this moment, however, meanwhile it is possible to do Linking.

zz vbg.jpg

The above picture is just an example. You can place Your own picture instead.

The Steemit Linker writes a post after visiting various Steemit Blogs and find Top Quality Post. By this, it means when reading the post, the expression is, "Yes..! This post should be read by all Steemians." Or, "Hulaley this is a super good post, reading this many Steemians will benefit." Or similar.

After writing Her or His post, The Linker reserves the bottom part of this space to link 1 post to 5 posts written by other Authors. The Link. Not the whole article, please not invite the Cheetah in the Reply to comment spot below the post.

The opportunity benefit will be, Your regular reader, as usual reading Your post from top to bottom, and then... jeng..! jeng.!! jeng!!! sees the link. Possible and probable the reader clicking to know more the Links You have promoted.

You can see further impact of doing the linking...

All the Best to us.

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@nkkb to @zublizainordin. Practical and useful way t0 share other good post. It works. This reading led me through the links below for further reading . Syabas bro.

thank you for sharing!

Thanks for the shoutout and featuring!
Steemit is a magical platform where we learn and grow together as a team. It's always a pleasure to share awesome posts with our friends and followers. Sharing is caring.
However, just like what you have mentioned in your post, plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Same goes for spams.
Thank you!

Interesting idea bro. Thumb up