Zubli Zainordin Says Steemians Profit Most By Doing Power Up at Steemit

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SHAH ALAM: 21st of January 2018. Sunday.

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There was a point in time at Steemit the expectation was high, I was doing and adding surprises no one ever thought any Steemians can, but I did... I was at the peak of My Steemian Life planning 10 steps ahead... Suddenly one by one the hope from other Steemians decline, and I am not sure what People are talking back there, and then I saw it from a Steemian..."You should do this but You didn't".

Wow..! Talk about Trust and Credibility.

I mentioned it in My earlier postings. I am loosing Friends. I wrote nicely at Groups and Discord. It did not work well. I cannot say I lost everything or everybody, but the one pillar I am standing on while major parts of the floor collapse is one Steemian who can check the Truth, and supported Me.

What ever I say, is it the truth, any Steemian can go into what They call it Blockchain, and go to steemd.com and find out.

I have repeated times Bandwidth is -10. Voting Power is lesser than an Office Clerk pay position. so to speak.

Yes, nobody remembered when I UpVoted daily this this that that, when I was then not knowing steemd.com exist. I commented this this that that and those those... remember..?

What I have learnt in life You can do 1 million goodness and 1 billion more, it only take one misunderstanding, I loose a friend, or more.

Is that a True Friend..? Are They a true Friend..? You know the answer.

I appreciate and honor all My Friends, especially one, a Steemian who stood by Me, when I do not have Bandwidth, and cannot UpVote, and You know the many cannots at Steemit, when there is no Bandwidth.

The point I am sharing is:
When Bandwidth is always 90 % - 100 % such as I am now, Power Up is always possible, and a Steemian profits most by doing Power Up.

I am not here to cut n paste, I will never do that at Steemit, yet I can link links, I am a Steemit Linker, however sometimes it is good for Steemians to start reading more than before, do Her or His own research on Power Up. It is so easy to know all of it.

What is it..?
How to do it..?
Do it..!

What I can show at this moment is that, a Steemian doing Power Up profits most at Steemit.

When a Steemian contributes, is it from Her or His Wallet..? Yes it is Not.
When a Steemian contributes, it is from the Inflation Steemit Pool. Yes it is.
It is like the owners giving You money so that You can distribute to the full, maximum. Yes to help and support other Steemians.
Pause and ponder for a moment, My wisdom on this. "Why there are hundreds of Steemians doing these" UPVOTE ME. COMMENT MY POSTS, FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW, RESTEEM PLEASE.. and what are similar. It is a maddening shouts of not a Neil Diamond's type of it is a beautiful noise... because many Steemians still do not do Power Up and benefit from it.

I am waiting for the day... soon, no Steemians asking, nor begging, because all Steemians gets UpVotes, Comments, Replies, and Resteem, without even asking. Far from begging. Every Steemians get these.

So, please We Power Up now.

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@nkkb #nkkb says; Yeah me too, waiting for the day!