๐Ÿšด My Zwift Log | 30 mins in Innsbruck | 30/06


I just finished a 7.274km cycle that lasted about 0hh:31mm:16ss !


After running the Lordshill 10k on Sunday morning my legs began to feel quite tight throughout the day, so I decided after dinner that I'd set the turbo trainer up and just spin for 30 minutes on Zwift. I just chose the random setting of routes on Innsbruck and was given a very, very hilly one hence why I just rode 7km for 30 minutes of indoor cycling. I averaged 142 watts and I have to admit I did get a little bit carried away - my legs didn't really appreciate it and still felt sore afterwards (stupid me!). I've given myself a day's rest today to get over the very active day I had yesterday.
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