The Evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning: ZERP by Zygot

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When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, there are a handful of big name companies that have dominated the market for years. Although this seems like a good thing, more often than not it leads to complacency and a lack of innovation or passion for a product.

An ERP could be compared to the nervous system of a company, integrating the key elements of a business (finance, HR, inventory, service, etc.), into a single cohesive software system. Traditional ERP systems suffer from several drawbacks, specifically: cost (implementation and maintenance), adaptability, data security, integrations, and lack of efficiency.

Zygot is changing that trend with the introduction of ZERP, Zygot ERP is built on the EOS blockchain giving it a significant benefit over existing products.

Zygot's Vision - "Zygot is bringing the benefits of tailored software solutions to all companies, regardless of their size, with regards to their needs."

Blockchain technology inherently allows for simple and secure tracking of transactions, greater transparency of records, and much greater control over the data that is stored on it.

Additionally, Zygot recognized and built upon four key attributes that can make blockchain the go-to technology to revolutionize ERP systems: interoperable, scalable, compliant, and flexible.

Instances of the software from different companies will be able to communicate with each other. This will improve operations and allow third party apps to be integrated more seamlessly. Access control permissions can be adjusted to specific pieces of data as needed. Immutability on the blockchain ensures the integrity of the data and keeps it safe from breaches while also ensuring transparency for auditing purposes.

Zygot's Goals - "To make a blockchain-powered, global, inclusive for all company sizes, domains, industries, ecosystems, affordable, community-improved, collaborative and sustainable ERP modular solution - ZERP."

Zygot could have literally picked from dozens of blockchains to build ZERP, but their choice of EOS makes complete sense when you consider the benefits.

  • EOS's smart contracts allow outside users to interact in a trust-less environment
  • EOS is the perfect platform for robust Dapps (Decentralized Applications)
  • EOS can process millions of transactions per second. This allows it to scale to the size of any business both large and small.
  • EOS has no transaction fees for sending and receiving funds
  • The EOSIO operating system is free to use for derivative projects.

The decentralized nature of EOS will allow developers to create customer-specific modules for a fraction of the development cost(s) of traditional ERP systems.

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  • Q1-Q2 2019 - Rather than reinvent the wheel, Zygot is using the VERP engine built on the Vertex blockchain and migrating the core logic to ZERP on EOS.

  • Q3-Q4 2019 - Zygot will define the governance and engagement rules for the Zygot community. They will also have a dashboard created with a marketplace for modules and voting as well as a handful of their own external modules.

  • Q1 2020 - ZERP SDK and UI for building external modules available, documentation and portal for developers released, and Zygot will begin offering managed ZERP infrastructure.

  • Q2 2020 - ZGOT Warehouse Management(WM) engine upgraded from VERP to ZERP, a small number of clients will be transitioned to ZERP, and third party partners will be assisted in adapting their warehouse apps for compatibility testing and introduction to the Zygot marketplace.

  • Q3 2020 - Production module migrated from VERP to ZERP

  • Q4 2020 - Accounting module "transformed" from VERP to ZERP, add-on accounting modules will be published to the marketplace.

  • Q1-Q2 2021 - HR and CRM modules moved from VERP to ZERP, Migrate ~50 existing clients to ZERP, assist third party partners with adapting their CRM/HR apps for Zygot marketplace and ZERP.

  • Q3-Q4 2021 - Supply Chain module transitioned to ZERP, one hundred percent of clients migrated from Vertex to Zygot.

  • Q1 2022 - Fixed assets and loyalty module transitioned, "improve affiliation and referral distribution strategy".

Zygot/ZERP, A World of Potential

Zygot is bucking the trend of a traditional high cost, highly proprietary ERP, by establishing the first decentralized ERP marketplace on EOS. This will allow them to leverage the power of open source and drive down the cost of application specific modules.

ZERP is an ERP 3.0 system, integrating the benefits of ERP 1 and 2, as well as customer and sales information into enterprise operations. This is another one of the reasons the EOS network makes so much sense given its exceptional transaction speeds at zero cost and smart contract technologies.

Zygot's Mission - "Conceptualize, design, facilitate and sustain an ecosystem and mechanisms for decentralized enterprise software - with international scope in diverse domains of software development, application and advancement."

Zygot Workflow

Zygot will use a "freemium" model for ZERP, offering the basic software for free but gaining revenue through other strategic sources:

  • A cloud based solution offered as a subscription service
  • Annual optional maintenance fees as a subscription service
  • Selling their own modules on the marketplace
  • Offering consulting services including integration, optimization, module implementation, and consulting with third parties for unique module development
  • Taking a margin from third party modules on the marketplace

The Zygot marketplace built on EOS is one of the most exciting features of ZERP. Having access to a decentralized repository of modules will allow the software to scale to any business size from a small business office/manufacturer, to a corporate entity with offices across the globe. Additionally, the decentralized aspect will ensure that interoperability can happen without the rigid guidelines and proprietary nuances that plague traditional systems.

The core resource that will power the ZERP engine is the Zygot token. The token will have many uses throughout the system including the ability to stake the token to unlock modules the business requires. Additionally, the tokens can be used to power the smart contracts that allow for interoperability between different companies/instances. Feel free to read through their whitepaper for more information on this and other aspects of the ZERP engine.

Zygot is a great addition to the long list of projects that have decided to make the move to the EOS blockchain. As more and more large businesses make the dive into blockchain and specifically EOS, it wouldn't be surprising if the EOS acronym took on a new meaning: "Enterprise on Steroids".




This is not financial advice, nor a guarantee or promise in regards to any result that may be obtained from using the above content. The information provided here is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It should not be considered as financial and/or investment advice. No person should make any kind of financial decision without first consulting their own financial adviser and/or conducting their own research and due diligence.

Images and screenshots used with permission

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Lol Enterprise on steroid nice catch 😂.

Able to execute commands within mere seconds for free, makes the EOS blockchain a goto.

Zygot ERP just another platform showing a decentralized system can outperform any centralized one.

Able to operate across the globe and not limited to the size of the company be it a big firm or simply a small scale business, takes Enterprise resource planning to a whole new level.

Nicely written and clearly detailed 👌


Thank you!

A well written and in depth post, interesting to see an alternative tot he big name and super expensive big players in the ERP are,
Format people ERP is a scary name and idea after the headaches many companies go through including ours to it, but it does add so much value f done well

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip


Thanks, I appreciate the comment. Yes, I know for me I always used to(and still do) see companies looking for people who could manage and develop on the other major ERP platform. The market for something like this is definitely there. I think the model they are implementing is going to shake things up quite a bit.


YEs I do think this is a potential big time game changer,
Ys our company brought in consultants and experts and for many end users the feeling for the initial roll out was More headaches more time to do things and not efficiency but with time I think that feeling changed, but I think it most cases it was more people are change adverse and hence look for problems, but I digress from your post

A ne wplyer inthe market and making use of the benefits of th blockchain c really shake up the ERP big players

Lol you ended the lost perfectly “Enterprise on steroids” and by reading this I think that is a good direction for EOS to focus on.

This sounds very interesting as it is customizable to any size and style of business and it being open source will drive innovation indeed. The cost factor, it being freemium will also motivate companies to hop on. This is really is interesting. We could see the big dogs in the ERP space trying to buy it or down play it though.


I agree, I grew more and more impressed with the product as I researched it and worked on writing the post. They should be able to find a place in any sized business.

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That's interesting @bozz. Technology on the blockchain really seems to be steeping up but I suppose it's all still a bit theoretical. Until the tokens are traded in numbers it seems like just another good idea. But . . . it definitely sounds like a move in the right direction. At least if you're a fan of EOS. 😊


EOS is pretty awesome and is still evolving. I really do believe it is going to be game changing. The product is already running on Vertex, so I think the move to EOS should be fairly smooth. Knowing that every business is different and has their own needs I think the marketplace is going to be a real draw.


I wish I understood all this stuff better. I've never heard of Vertex but if the product is all ready running then that's a big plus. You seem to know what you're talking about! 😂

You're articles are so well written. 😊

Wow. I'm impressed. First with the product and the model, and then with your description.

I thought of several possible applications while I was reading your post. I'll start watching this with interest. Time to tickle my news gatherer. I just got it squared away with Electric Vehicles.

Thanks Bozz. This is one of the best posts I've seen in a LONG time.


Thanks, I appreciate it. I work in a business with a lit of disparate systems. Databases for this and databases for that. I know it is the same way in a lot of industries. Traditional ERP systems have worked to bridge those gaps but I really feel like Zygot Zerp takes it a step further. Smart contracts will make interoperability within and between companies so much easier!

Posted using Partiko Android

Great post! I believe the project certainly has the potential to become something great as well as a frontrunner for other companies to adopt blockchain technology. Using the EOS blockchain is definitely a great move, both for them and the future of the blockchain in general.


I agree! Thanks for the great comment! ZERP will definitely implement some features that other companies would be wise to notice and integrate themselves.

Excellent read with many links to come back to, technology definitely starting to move forward with blockchain.


Thank you!

This is a while written post... Zygot ERP will definitely change the way the world sees the sector.
With the features that you've mentioned, I'm convinced that it would be the leading ERP in no distant time.


I agree, I am pretty impressed with what I have read about so far. The fact that they already have a customer base on the VERP product is really encouraging. The potential once they move to EOS will be awesome!

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I agreed in the decentralized system out performing the centralized ones. There is no doubt this is the platform of the future but as humanity acclimates there is still plenty of room for growth within the space for the forward-minded. The project can be big and raises the question about how much of this whole puzzle can actually be decentralize?


The sky is the limit I think!

Posted using Partiko Android

Great review @bozz!

I think the project can be a huge game changer for all kinds of companies to be honest.. And I'm quite curious to find out how this project is going to evolve in the future..

Well done!



Well explained! Interesting project. I’ll follow it. Interesting also to see how big companies react.

Posted using Partiko iOS


I agree, it will be interesting to see if this can steal away a bit of the market share from the big companies that have monopolized the sector for a while now. I hope we can start to see a shift.

Daaaang, homey!

Looks like you finally got your winning roll of the dice with the rewards on this one... 😎


To some degree yes. It is actually an interesting story I might tell some day.

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Are you part of the zygot team?


No, just writing a review/synopsis as a task for a group I am a member of.

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ZERP is bringing a new wave to the Enterprise Resource Planning industry. Built on EOS, finance, HR and other ERP services shall now be done with utmost transparency and fairness.

Decentralizing the traditional centralized services, Blockchain technology has brought about barrier-pushing projects. ZERP is an addition to these great projects utilising the revolutionary technology to deliver unrivalled services to human. Let's enjoy it!


Yes, it is pretty exciting!


"pretty exciting" is an understatement! 😂

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