Enterprise Resource Planning on the Blockchain with Zygot

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The problem with existing ERP solutions is that they're extremely expensive to set up and lack flexibility. Business partners of mine who have worked with existing ERP suites like SAP or Sage have often complained to me that that they're a pain to work with, while adding new modules is a headache-inducing endeavor.

Most large sized companies rely on ERP software to handle their day-to-day operations. The main focus of ERP software suites is to give companies the ability to manage everything from product development, manufacturing, sales, human resources to marketing.

Zygot is looking to completely revolutionize Enterprise Resource Planning software, with their own decentralized, open-source ERP solution called Zygot ERP (ZERP). The main focus of Zygot is to provide companies with a flexible & affordable ERP software suite that runs on the EOS blockchain.


Why the EOS Blockchain?

Due to the immutable nature of blockchains in general, Zygot is able to provide its customers with safe and secure chronological evidence for every action they perform on their ZERP suite. Companies will have greater control over their own data, since all information is stored into a distributed ledger.

EOS is currently the most scalable blockchain in existence an is specifically geared towards enterprise use. There are no transaction fees when you send or receive funds through EOS, making it the ideal blockchain solution for Zygot.

The EOS blockchain is capable of running smart contracts, which will be utilized within ZERP to automatically handle requests & payment for the development of new functions. Meaning that companies will be able to source development for new modules from within the Zygot ecosystem. Zygot will basically have the world's first decentralized ERP marketplace running on the EOS blockchain.

The Power of Open-Source ERP Software

Looking back at the introduction, I mentioned that existing ERP solutions are often extremely expensive and difficult to upgrade. With Zygot's open-source ERP solution, this will soon be a problem from the past, since development is fully opened up & developers will have open access to all aspects of ZERP development.

Due to ZERP being fully open-source, development teams can build entire businesses around the development of new modules. This ties in with the fact that the Zygot ecosystem is built around EOS, as development teams can easily source gigs for the development of new modules or even entire new interfaces for ZERP from multiple companies that may have a shared need for particular functionality.

Core Engine Modules

The standard engine of ZERP will have a number of modules included by default. These modules will give companies some basic functionality that is crucial for running their company.

The standard modules that are included are:

  • Accounting

  • Warehouse and material evidence

  • Manufacturing: engineering, capacity, workflow management, quality control, bills of material, manufacturing process, etc.

  • Financials: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, general ledger and cash management, etc.

  • Supply Chain Management: Inventory, supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, claim processing, order entry, purchasing, etc.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Data Warehouse

Data gathered from Zygot FAQ

Try Out The Demo

On Zygot's main website there is a form you can fill in to get access to a working demo version of their platform. If you are currently running a business, it might be worth it to check that out.

I've personally applied for access to their demo version, since I am currently looking for ERP software myself. Before I had heard of Zygot, I was actually thinking of using Odoo, which is also open-source, but the cost of most basic modules greatly exceeds the cost of modules that would be included by default in ZERP.

So, if you're in the market for ERP software, definitely keep an eye on Zygot!


ZygotERP: https://zygot.io/technology
Medium: https://medium.com/@zygoterp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zygot_io
Telegram: https://t.me/ZygotERP
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zygot

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@daan i like this idea, how do you propose the infomation will be stored, I assumed seen as how there is 0 trans fees would you use each action as a transaction to create a log of what had happened?#


Yeah, I assume the information would be stored as transactions on the EOS blockchain. Though I'm not completely sure of how that part will work exactly, since it is not specifically mentioned in their whitepaper. (unless I've managed to miss that part)

Very nice! I have been really excited about the thing I have read about Zygot lately as well as the research I had to do on them. I think they could really make a huge difference in their sector. The marketplace and ability to work between different companies is really exciting.

Maybe it is because of the features or should I say the usefulness that made it to be expensive and difficult to work with. And I am sure there will be experts out there who will know how to operate it

#awesome working .tats have been really exciting news but its also be expensive and hard to work.also be noted marketplace is #grat . hope it will be great @daan

Excellent article @daan!

For me, ZERP really seems like a next-generation ERP platform. I think the advantages of not only using blockchain technology but also developing this platform as an open source software can make this project a successful one in the long run.

thanks @oracle-d , @daan and @ascorphat . to support me . i am really thankful for yours kind vote .thanks lot.

Great article @daan! I believe Zygot could be a game-changer in the business sector with their blockchain version of ERP. They still have a long way to go before launching completely, but that's OK, because it means that they are realistic about the work they need to put in to make the transition. That alone gives me the confidence to believe they're going to blow us all away once they get startet.

de verdad que sera una revolución empresarial este software sera una solución mas viable que lo disponible en el mercado debido a que es codigo abierto sera una sensación

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Very good. Thank you for this valuable post. I am curious about this project and I will check asap. Thank you again

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Great post
I know you have made a huge effort to participate
thank you for every thing

Looks like a good prospect. This project has had me looking into EOS blockchain as well.
I think with the right amount of marketing and promotion, this project will be a gamechanger.

That is interesting and great to read about new development son the blockchains

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