A Fairy Tale from Ancient Aceh: The Legend of Green Princess

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The Story of Sultan Mughayat Syah and Putri Hijau

When he was resting, Sultan Mughayat suddenly saw a green light from the east. The Sultan immediately asked his advisers about the light.

The adviser did not know about the light. So, sent a soldier of his trust to investigate the light. Apparently, the light came from the body of the Green Princess in the Old Deli.

Upon arrival at the royal border, the Sultan sent a messenger to propose to the Princess. However, the Princess refused the proposal. Knowing his application was rejected, the Sultan became angry.

Shortly thereafter, war broke out. Because the Deli Tua area was surrounded by thorny bamboo, Acehnese soldiers fired a lot of money around the bamboo.

Seeing a lot of money, the Deli Tua people cut and cut down the thorny bamboo clumps to get money. As a result, the defense of the Old Deli was destroyed.

Seeing the situation, the ruler of the Old Deli thought that they would lose. He also advised the Princess Green if the Princess was later taken prisoner, it is better to beg to be put into a glass coffin.

Before arriving in Aceh, his body must not be touched by the Sultan of Aceh. Upon his arrival, he had to beg that the people of Aceh bring offerings of each chicken egg and a handful of white rice.

All offerings must be thrown into the sea. At that time, Putri Hijau had to get out of her glass coffin and then call Mambang Jazid's name. After that, the ruler of the Old Deli disappeared.

After that, the Green Princess was taken prisoner. He also asked for the conditions as ordered by the ruler of the Old Deli. The Sultan granted that request. In Aceh, the Sultan's ship docked at Tanjung Jambu Air. The Sultan ordered his people to hold a ceremonial offering to the Green Princess.

After the ceremony, Putri Hijau came out of her glass coffin. As per the message, Putri Hijau mentioned the name of Mambang Jazid. Suddenly, heavy winds and heavy rain fell. Lightning and large waves followed.

Suddenly, a giant dragon appeared from the waves and headed straight for the Sultan's ship. He hit the ship until it was split in two. In that situation, Putri Hijau returned to her glass coffin so that she could float above the sea.

The Dragon immediately approached the coffin and was then taken to the Straits of Malacca. The movement was very fast, so that the Sultan of Aceh could not do anything. He also realized his mistake. He can't force others if that person really doesn't want to.

The moral message from the fable of ancient Aceh stories: The Green Princess Legend is not to impose our will on others.

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