Is there is a world meaning???

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Shocking - I found the meaning of the world, but unfortunately I lost it again. I wanted to share it with you. But at least we now know that it exists. As I say - If someone really wants and ho is looking for it they will find it.

As far as I remember from it all, then my reflection began with an article "Dinosaurs against God"

How do you think we can comfort ourselves with the idea that there is nothing after death? If there is the world itself and everything we see and experience, then it is more likely that something after death is more than an option there is nothing. People do not believe that the world could occur instantly from nothing, but it seems to the same people that after this real world, there is nothing more. It seems illogical to me.

If one wants to believe that there is nothing after this life, then he must somehow overcome this reality, because he cannot ignore the fact he already exists in one world.

It would be like a man who would not believe that a computer exists because he would never have seen it, but the same person use a phone. Then we need to ask how he explains the existence of a cell phone, if at the same time categorically denies the existence of a computer? So, we have a mobile phone (World) and we have no reason to think that there is nothing more.

Does a person put himself in the world? Does anyone ask if you want to exist? The man here is just put in, so the man himself can not decide what will or will not be. We can already agree that life is not after death, but it would be like the ants agree that the picnic basket belongs to them and that the person has nothing to do with it anymore.

Do you believe in fairy tales? Religion is a fairy tale that calms people and makes them feel better against the great unknown universe. Or you believe pseudo-science fairy tale about evolution, because it also calms and suggests that everything is unhappy coincidence.

My thoughts still fell to the scientists, who say that the world might have been in the form of evolution and it has 4,567,000,000 years. In 500 years we have got electricity, internet, airplanes and everything else we know and use. By 4,567,000,000 years, we would have been able to ruin this world. :D

People choose to think and believe in fictional theories because it takes responsibility from them. If people start to think that everything has something to do, people don't think so much about business and making money and it would not be beneficial to anyone.

These were my reflections today.
Thanks for reading.

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