Update on my portfolio & SE investments - long overdue!


Hi Steemit Friends,

It has been a long time I checked my portfolio which I know there is nothing much to share due to the downturn on the market. I remember when I used to share them every second day and it was great due to the different activities happening to Steem on the market but at the moment there is nothing to be happy about.

Why do I say that? Coming from the days when it was around $1 each token to a mere 14c is a bit depressing. Some might think you can buy more but at the same time, it is a risk. What if it goes lower. I am though determined not to power down but in fact, continue to hang around and support it to the very end (let's not see the end I hope).

After weeks and months of not sharing my portfolio, here it looks below. I am surprised I am still seeing a 5 figure amount mainly due to BTC has gone back up and the rest have slowly crept up. The end of the year is coming soon and I don't see Steem going back up to 20c. I am now banking on SMT to come out next year and prices hopefully will reflect this.


During these few months, I have also been looking at different tokens on Steem Engine. This is also due to Steem Monster giving out DEC which allow users like me to be exposed to other ones on the market. Nothing exciting about it but I am happy there is a nice amount of Steem generated in there for a rainy day.



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