Many Islands and Other Beauty Available Here, Aceh Singkil, Aceh, Indonesia


Tourist destinations in Aceh are often very attractive to many people both visitors from within the country and from abroad. Often in a day tens or even hundreds of people thronged the city, dubbed the Serambi Mecca. Of the foreign countries that came here, the most crowded that filled Aceh was Malaysia which had local wisdom that was almost the same as Aceh in particular.

In the history of the past royal kingdom civilization, Malaysia has indeed become a trading place for the previous kings who had relations to remote countries and foreign countries. For that reason, Aceh is also present as a halal tourism destination that has been pinned by the World in 2017 ago.

One of the most popular destinations for migrants is Pulau Banyak, which is in Aceh Singkil. The term 'island' is given because there are many small islands around the area stranded with their respective beauty. In general, white sand and beach edges that we can enjoy together.

From a number of sources that I got, many of these islands used to have 99 small islands stretching along the area's lines, but after the Tsunami struck the area, now only about 63 islands are left, while the other islands have been lost as a result of the tsunami.

For migrants who visit Aceh, Pulau Banyak is one of the tourist sites that are also recommended to be visited. Siilakan come and visit the island and feel the sensation.



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