Set up Tents and Hammocks for Camping and Release Tired with Friends in Lamteungoh, Aceh Besar - Travel Journey

2개월 전

Camping and Hammock is an inseparable unit, both of which have an important role that is needed when being camped somewhere. If with a tent, we can build it anywhere, but if the hammock, we have to find some poles or trees as a location to tie the hammock's ropes.

One time, I and some friends were attending an event near our residence in Banda Aceh. This event is rarely made and only a few times a year and even then it is not made in one place, but in many places. At that moment, we also want to experience setting up tents with other participants.

However, other things felt very different, because at the time the event was held, some of the committee also provided tents that would later be rented by the participants. As usual, camping does not necessarily mean we have to have a tent, even with makeshift tools we can set up camp for us to shelter from rain and sun.

At the present time, what we need is to take care of each other, and if possible, the camping agenda for the time being, we rest first until all of this returns to normal. Later we will meet again at the opportunity that exists. Take care of your health and don't forget to be happy.



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