Visiting One of the Historical Sites Left on Trumon, South Aceh, Indonesia - Travel Journey

2개월 전

Traveling is one of the activities that is very fun especially coupled with camping. All activities are an inseparable unit. Because it is so fun to make everyone who does it very entertained.

This time my family and I were able to carry out these activities when returning to my hometown in Tapaktuan, South Aceh. This time, my father invited us to go see the area around Bakongan and Trumon. There is one of the village chief's houses there that stood since the days of the kingdom.

Within a few decades, the historical legacy in Aceh in particular has slowly disappeared due to the lack of public awareness to maintain the authenticity of that history. One of them is the house of the village head or we in Aceh call it Rumoh Ulee Balang. This house is located in the Trumon area, South Aceh. Later it was heard that this house had been used as a village office and had not been used for several months.

Diseputaran site, there are also some ancient cannons that stand right in front of the house. This indicates, at that time there was a very magnificent kingdom here. Now, these sites still exist and stand right there.



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